Mojave trip for Troop 407

In October of 2016, Troop 407 took a trip to Mojave, California. This trip was very fun because of all the amazing things we got to do. We did many other things on this trip, but I think that these were the highlights of our trip.

One of our first activities was going inside a lava tube. We had to climb down a ladder to get into the lava tube’s entrance. The cavern was really wide but then when we went into the tunnel, it was a really small space. We had to crawl to get through that tunnel. After that there was another cavern, but it was very dark and dusty. We found some bunny skeletons down there, and there were small holes in the ceiling that led to the outside that some kids were able to crawl through. The lava tube was formed by molten lava running beneath a lava flow. After the lava was gone, the tube cooled and formed a tunnel called a lava tube.

One other activity that we did is we scavenged for trilobite fossils. We had to use shovels and hammers to get the trilobites out of the shale. Some people had geology picks because those special types of picks are used to break open shale. Only some kids were able to find the trilobites, but it was still really fun. Trilobites are prehistoric arthropods (bugs) that were one of the first groups of arthropods.

Another thing we did is that we took two separate hikes to some sand dunes near our second camp. These were really long hikes and the sand dunes were huge. At the top, Zach T. did his Scouts Own. He talked about nature and he recited a quote that reminded him of nature. His dad also offered some words on nature. Then we had fun jumping off the sand dunes.

This was a really fun trip and I hope we go again.