Annual Backpacking Trip

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On June 11, members of the troop hiked from Islip Saddle to Little Jimmy Campground in the Angeles National Forest. The trail head is on the south side of Highway 2. The hike started at 6,600 feet elevation, picked up the Pacific Crest Trail for 2.5 miles, climbed through chaparral and then pines to the campground, which was at 7,500 feet elevation.

After setting up camp, the group hiked to Mt. Islip, which is about a mile from the campground and is at 8,250 feet elevation. The Islip summit is a somewhat isolated peak along the high country backbone, which separates the Crystal Lake Basin on the south from the Mojave Desert on the north.

There were amazing panoramic views in all directions, though cloud cover blocked some of the view. Scouts were above the rain and fog that family and friends back home experienced over the weekend.


Court of Honor: June 7, 2016


On June 7, families gathered at La Casita in Claremont to honor Scouts’ achievements. The troop has gotten really big with now three patrols, and so there were a lot of people there.

First, the Wolverine patrol set up chairs and other various items for the occasion. Then, David gave the invocation for our dinner. Dinner was provided by The Taco Man and sponsored by Assistant Scout Master Alejandro Segura-Mora.

After dinner, the Bulldog patrol did a flag ceremony, followed by presentations of rank.

Earning Scout rank were: Coen, Roman, Dylan, Kai and Alberto.

Earning Tenderfoot were: Elliott, Owen and Zachary T.

Earning First Class were: Aidan, Cameron, Trent, Phillip, Will, Ben and Charlie.

After these ranks, Scout Master Jim Martin made some announcements and other presentations, including applauding the latest Eagles, Jack and Cole, who will be officially awarded their rank soon. The unit also was awarded the Gold Unit Award for 2015. Each Scout got a patch to wear on his shirt sleeve.

Next, the adult leadership presented merit badges. Finally, Cole handed out the Star rank to Jackson, Zachary M. and Jude. These boys only have two ranks left before earning their Eagle rank.

After the presentations, we had dessert and cleaned up. It was amazing to see so many Scouts earn ranks at this time of year, before we’ve even gone to summer camp.



Lake Cuyamaca Fishing Trip

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Members of Troop 407 drove into the mountains near Julian on Saturday, May 21. When we got there, it was very foggy and looked like it was going to storm. It was also extremely cold. The campsite was really rocky and desert-like, but there was also prairie grass. The lake was only about 200 feet from the campsite.

We set up camp, then we drove to a bait shop and restaurant, where we did a service project by picking up trash for an hour. We found a lot of trash. Then, we got our fishing rods and park rangers taught us how to fish. We learned how to use power bait, how to cast and how to reel in.

Then, we drove back to our campsite and started fishing. We were using power bait, which is a mix of fish, garlic and shiny stuff. No one caught any fish on the first day. We didn’t see any fish, either. Even though we didn’t catch anything, it was exciting since we knew that a fish could bite anytime.

After we stopped fishing, we made dinner. There were fire restrictions and it was cold and windy, so we went to bed early. It was extremely cold through the night.

In the morning, we immediately started fishing again. Squirrel Patrol Advisor Eric Tucker led a class on identifying native plants. We identified plants such as yellow pine and canyon live oak. During Mr. Tucker’s class, one of the parents caught a fish, so Mr. Tucker ended the class. It was a rainbow trout. We cleaned and gutted it and then used the guts and head as fish bait.

That fish was the only one caught all weekend. We packed up and were headed home by Sunday afternoon.