Scout Sunday Feb. 2020



On Sunday, Febuary 2, 2020, the Scouts of Troop 407 gathered at our sponsoring church, Claremont United Church of Christ, to celebrate Scout Sunday. The service started off with a song called “Praise to the Lord,” performed by our Scout musicians. There were trumpets, strings, drums, piano, and other instruments. After that we had Scouts from our troop do readings.

Then, our Senior Patrol Leader, Jude Emmert, led the troop in the Scout Oath. From where I was standing, I was able to see that as we recited the oath, some of the older people in the congregation were following along, too, from memory, which goes to show that once you’re a Scout, you will be a Scout forever. After the oath, more of our Scouts did readings.

Our Scoutmaster, Jim Martin, did the Call to Offering, and thanked the church for agreeing to host a Cub Scout pack, too, in addition to our Scouts BSA troop. He praised the fact that all discriminatory practices of the Scouts organization have ended, because girls were also admitted into Scouting last February. Troop 407 was one of the first in the country to admit girls, and this year and last year, several girls participated in Scout Sunday. And now, the church sponsors any kid interested in Scouting, of any age or gender.



Later on, we had some Scouts and Cub Scouts go up and say prayers for many different people, and after that, the Cub Scouts led the service in prayer and in song. Soon after, those Cub Scouts were awarded their religious badges.

When the service ended, we all got together to take pictures and then we were all awarded with the 2020 Scout Sunday patch. After photos, a dad came up to me with his daughter, and told me, with tears in his eyes, that I had inspired his 8-year-old daughter to want to become a Scout. I’m sure all of us who stood up in front of the congregation inspired people in ways spoken and unspoken. Going to Scout Sunday made me realize how much of a family our troop has become.

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